Pet Import Regulations in South Africa



Pet transport to South Africa is no hassle as long as pet owners abide by regulations.

All animals must be micro-chipped (ISO 11784/11785) and must have stayed for at least 6 months in their countries of origin before entering South Africa. A valid rabies vaccination given from one to twelve months before departure issued by an official veterinarian should be secured along with a Health Certificate issued by a local official veterinarian at least ten days before departure. In general, there are five diseases the animals must be free of before they can enter South Africa, including Brucella Canis, Trypanosoma evansi, Babesia Gibsoni, Dirofilaria immitis and Leishmaniasis. These pet relocation regulations apply to all animals coming from all countries.

When securing rabies and other health certificates for the animals, pet owners should ensure that their veterinarians are officially recognized by the Veterinary Authority in their respective countries of origin.  

Upon arrival, there are only two documents to be submitted to authorities for international pet relocation in South Africa - the animal's import permit and South African Veterinary Health Certificate which will stand for all other clearances that need to be made prior to the pet's departure. Without these two documents, animals will be sent back to their countries of origin.

Relocating pets to South Africa can be a simple process as long as their owners are aware of the requirements and regulations. For expats who do not have time to attend to these personally, hiring a pet relocation service will be helpful in ensuring smooth pet import.



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