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There are many places in South Africa where rental advertising on a wide variety of property types can easily be found, such as in newspapers or other publications and on the internet. When a rental location is found, the tenant is supposed to make an offer on the property and arrange to have the lease drawn up, either through a real estate agent or a lawyer.


A long term rental is one for over three months, and a one bedroom apartment can be found as cheaply as 3000 rands (or about 310 euros) per month. There are strict regulations for what information must be specified in the rental agreement. The landlord is also required by law to give a receipt to the tenant for all rent paid.


The landlord, in addition, must place the tenant's security deposit in a savings bank account and must tell the tenant upon request how much interest it has earned. When the tenant moves out, if there is no damage, the landlord has 7 days to return the damage deposit to the tenant along with any additional interest. If there is damage in the apartment, the landlord must pay for the repairs out of the security deposit and must refund the remainder of it to the tenant with 14 days.

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