Multi Trip Travel Insurance in South Africa

9,592,000 tourists came to South Africa within the last year, many to visit the capital city of Johannesburg. One thing the majority had in common was the purchase of travel insurance multi trip in South Africa, which offers the protection to keep travellers safe and healthy, even during emergencies.Travel multi trip health insurance is a specific type of insurance policy that may insure you over the course of many trips without needing to buy individual insurance for them individually. Combining travel multi trip cover will help you put aside a good amount of your money in comparison to getting each on its own, so contact our insurance specialist partners here to request a free quote on your most suitable plan.


Securing the overseas travel needs of South Africa's global community is International Medical Group through its multi-trip travel insurance plans. IMG's goal is to provide necessary products with necessary services, leading to the creation of subsidiary companies that work from a single location.

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To be truly secure as an expat in South Africa or anywhere in the globe, the right kind of insurance policy is required. Multi-trip plans, such as Atlas Professional by MultiNational Underwriters, is particularly helpful to those who need to make frequent overseas travels within a year. MNU also offers other plans, depending on the plan holders' specific needs, including Student Secure, Group Secure and more.

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