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After being ranked as Asia’s most liveable city in 2015, the number of expats relocating to Seoul has continued to pile up. If you accepted an assignment to Seoul, one of the things that you should secure is a good access to healthcare, be it included in your benefits package or should it require add-ons. Even if the city offers a high-quality way of life, there are still a million things that are out of your control, our not covered by your employer. Insurance is an important precautionary measure that you can take to secure you and your finances. Let us show you how you can get and use protection while living in South Korea’s rising global city.

Getting Insurance

Insurance has always been a traditional form of savings in South Korea. You will find most of the major insurance companies situated in Seoul, the country’s capital and centre of economics. As an expat, you should check first with your employer if you have the basic medical coverage as part of your relocation package. You can also contact some of the multinational and local providers to get plans for your dependents or properties. There is CIGNA Global, a popular name among expats looking for international health insurance and Hanwha, South Korea’s largest life, non-life and general insurer that was founded in 1952.

The company you are dealing with should have accreditation from the insurance department of the Financial Services Commission. You can go to their website to see the list of all their approved providers. It is also the same government sector that you can contact in case you are having any issues with your insurance company.


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Importance of Insurance

Seoul, at a glance, will immediately captivate your eyes with its mixture of modern architectures and natural beauty. However, every expat moving to this city should not put their guards down and be aware of the common hazards. Vaccinations against Hepatitis A and B are not required but are strongly advised since your body is still adjusting to the local food and source of water. Impatient drivers are also a common problem in Seoul. Most of them tend to beat the red light and do not stop even when people are crossing using the pedestrian lane, you will need to explore your personal accident coverage.

These are the reasons why you should have coverage while in the city. Even if you stay extra cautious, there is no predicting when a sickness or accident will happen. Insurance will give you the peace of mind that you’ll have access to adequate medical services anytime especially in an emergency situation.

Local Insurance in Seoul

The South Korean insurance industry is ranked as the third largest in Asia and 9th in the global market. Seoul plays a significant role in the sector’s continues growth because its highly developed and technologically leading metropolis continues to attract not just the local tycoons but also major foreign insurers. All of these insurance companies are under the regulation of the Financial Services Commission who greatly contributes to the industry’s excellent reputation.

The Korean law strictly requires all vehicles that have engine displacement size of 50cc and above to have the mandatory auto liability insurance. However, everyone is strongly advised to have this type of policy even if their cars are below 50cc. Expats and tourists are not allowed to drive in Seoul or any part of the country without complete insurance coverage considering the liability procedures and policies in Korea.

Expats moving to Seoul are obliged to contribute to the National Health Insurance system which covers basic and comprehensive medical services across South Korea. Despite having NHI and numerous competitive local providers, you should also consider getting international insurance. Getting coverage from a multinational company will guarantee that your health and other emergency needs will be taken care of wherever you are.



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