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The most common types of rental property available in South Korean cities include high rise apartment buildings and town home style villas. Houses for rent are more commonly found outside cities, particularly in rural areas. Real estate agents are also available to help assist with the search for rentals and can provide many services, though they do charge fees for their service to the tenant.


There are also suites, hostels and hotels that can be rented on a shorter term basis. A short term rental contract for apartments or villas is normally six months up to a year, and is harder to find in South Korea. Longer term contracts are usually for 2 years. Contracts can be of two kinds: jeonsei and wolsei.


Two thirds of properties are leased jeonsei in South Korea, which means paid in full. This also means the maintenance fees for the entire rental period must be paid up front with the damage deposit, rather than every month. However, the damage deposit should be refunded at the end of the lease, assuming that the landlord does not discover any damage done to the property. A typical rent in South Korea runs around anywhere from US $650 up to US $5000 per month.

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