Cost of Living in Barcelona



Barcelona may not be the cheapest place to live in the world, but expats who choose to stay know that cost is nothing compared to the richness of life in this happy, sunshiny city.


Aside from the size of the property, living in the main areas of the city could mean a significant difference in housing cost from the suburbs. A single-room home would be around 250 to 400 Euros per month, an additional room making about a hundred-and-fifty-euro difference, while a studio-type apartment could be somewhere between 400 and 650 Euros a month. The grand villas usually start at 3,000 Euros per month going up to as much as 20,000.

Buying a Property

There is a great range of properties and prices one can consider when planning to buy a home in Barcelona. A flat with side beach view can cost about 127,000 Euros, while a two-bedroom apartment could cost anywhere from 180,000 - 300,000 Euros. A country house with a carport, a guest house and a skylight roof can cost about 650,000 Euros. The majestic villas can start at 725,000 Euros and go up to 2,000,000 for those with up to three floors and six bedrooms. 


A typical electricity bill for two people is around 40 Euros per month and may increase by as much as 30% during hot weather. To keep the bill low during the hot months, people make sure they have the right window treatments or landscaping to reduce the heat and lessen the air conditioners' energy consumption. An average Internet connection will be about 50 Euros per month while telephone fees can vary largely from one company to the next but will mostly be around 14 Euros monthly. Gas consumption for two people can amount to 40 Euros per month plus 35 Euros when gas is used for the furnace during the winter. A yearly termite control treatment, when necessary, costs about 150 Euros.


An average adult spends about 175 Euros per month on home-cooked food while a typical restaurant bill could be about 12 Euros for one person with some beer or wine at 2 Euros. A hamburger sandwich may be about 3 Euros while a pizza in a restaurant could cost some 9 Euros.


In Barcelona, you can either take the metro, the bus, the train or your own private car. A metro ticket price could range from 4.20 Euros for a twenty-four-hour T-Dia pass to 100 Euros for a nine-day T-Trisemestre pass. A bus ticket can begin from 1.10 Euros for a single trip all the way to 15.20 Euros good for four days while a train ticket can cost anywhere from 1.10 - 9 Euros. 

Taxis in this city are rather cheap - a fifteen-minute ride can cost only about 10 Euros - but a surcharge is usually collected when a passenger is carrying extra luggage. A 5-10% tip may be given to the driver but is not required. Those with private vehicles will find regular unleaded petrol at about 1.14 Euros per litre.  

Barcelona's reputation as the New York of Europe contributes greatly to its rank as the 38th most expensive destination in the world. But the sheer grandness of the place can easily wipe this number out and have expatriates simply reveling in the opportunity to have it as their second home.



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