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The cost of living in Madrid remained high and still rising despite the high unemployment rate and economic problems in Spain. This makes it all the more important to have the proper insurance plans to avoid having to pay a huge amount of money for emergencies and other general needs while living in the city.

You can not afford being caught off guard especially that you are in an unfamiliar ground. Expats should know at the early stage of preparation the importance of including protection for their health and protection in Madrid.

Importance of Insurance

There are no required vaccinations for expats entering Madrid. However, CDC or Centre for Disease Control strongly advises that you get vaccinated against tetanus, rabies, hepatitis A and B. Air pollution is also a threat to people in the city and recently reached an alarming state especially in the area of Atocha. Motor vehicles are the highest contributors to the pollution that can cause severe respiratory illnesses.

Both public and private healthcare in Madrid is in good condition. Expats can take advantage of free services from the public hospitals once they start contributing to the social security. But long wait time and overcrowding are common issues in state-funded facilities that’s why many expats in the city opt to go to private hospitals, which are a bit costly. Having health insurance in Madrid will not just save you money but also time and effort whenever you have to see a doctor or need medical services.

Getting Private Insurance

Before calling some of the multinational and local insurers in Madrid, check first with your current provider if they can cover you once you’ve relocated because some policies are still effective even if you are in a different country or city. As an expat, there’s also a high chance that you have the basic medical insurance from your employer. You can go through your relocation contract, or ask the HR office regarding this type of work benefit.

Expats moving to Madrid with their dependents or want to insure their properties have many options in the market. Some of the largest providers are Allianz Spain who offers international health insurance to expats in Madrid and Línea Directa Aseguradora, the city’s leading auto and home insurer.

Madrid is the capital of Spain and Southern Europe's financial hub which means that the insurance industry’s largest names are headquartered here. You should be very careful when choosing which company to deal with and one vital factor to check is their accreditation from the Direccion General de Seguros (General Directorate of Insurance). 

Local Insurance

The insurance industry is strongly emerging after the Great Spanish Recession and increased solvency margins by 18% over the last few years. After the recent 5th Insurance Industry Meeting held in Madrid, financial experts and business owners agreed to create new development strategies such as introducing national/ local insurers to the global market to further increase the industry’s revenue. Madrid is also the location for the head office of the Direccion General de Seguros who is in charge in supervising all insurance companies in the city and Spain.

Since 1995, all vehicles in Madrid and Spain have been required by law to have the minimum insurance or third party liability insurance. It is to ensure that any damages you have caused to the third party (person or property) will have proper coverage. The certificate of insurance must be with you at all times and if you do not have one while driving, the local police or Guardia Civil can fine you from €600 to €3000, depending on your type of vehicle. It will be quite expensive not to have car insurance, so secure one right away if driving will be your primary mode of transportation in Madrid.

Living or working in Madrid can be an experience of a lifetime so you have to ensure that you do everything necessary to keep the risks at bay. There are many prominent local providers but as an expat, you can also strongly consider international insurance. Some assignments only last for a couple of years, and coverage from multinational companies can make your investment worth the price because you can use your policy even if you are no longer in Madrid.


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