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There are many steps for an expat to smoothen their relocation to a new country. First, you need to create a concise checklist of the most important things that you need to secure such as work, home, mode of transportation, school of your kids and other necessities. Another significant factor that you must not forget and always include when moving abroad is what will be your access to health care?

A huge number of expatriates forget how essential being protected is because no one wants to assume an accident or emergency situation where it can be used. As much as Spain can provide access to good medical care, there are a number of question you need to ask yourself. Here are some of the important information about Spain’s health care and protection that every expat like you must know and a good way to start your conversations to assess your needs.

Getting Insurance

Your first source of insurance benefit while working in Spain should be your employer or sponsor. If this wasn’t discussed with you or if you need any clarifications regarding the policy, you can contact your Human Resource officer to talk about the coverage of your agreement. The company providing your insurance should also be listed under the list of licensed brokers of the Bank of Spain. It is the institution in charge of ensuring that all insurance companies in Spain are adhering to the law and do not violate any of the clients’ rights.

Expats can also get insurance from the international and local companies in Spain. Some of these brokers cover not just health but also your car, home and finances. It is best that you contact several brokers before signing a contract so that you’ll have more knowledge about their different policies and which one can meet your needs. Bupa Global  is one of the choices for expats who are looking for global healthcare in Spain. You can also consider Caser Seguros, a local company who offers both life and non-life insurance products.

Importance of Insurance

There has been a recent outbreak of H1N1 in Spain that caused fear to tourists and expats who want to go to Spain. The truth is the number of reported cases in Spain is just the same with other countries in the world. Tuberculosis is also a known cause of death among the locals. Though there are no required vaccinations, it is still best for all expats to update their vaccinations before relocating to minimise the chances of getting ill.

Prevention is always better than cure, and this perfectly applies to the idea of getting health care in Spain. You do not necessarily need to have an emergency situation to use your insurance. Educate yourself regarding the coverage of your policy by discussing it with you agent so that you can make the most out of your investment. Most health care covers vaccinations, check-ups, laboratory tests and physical exams. These types of services can help you monitor and maintain your health which eventually will prevent yours from being seriously sick.

Local Insurance in Spain

Spain is divided into 17 regions which are individually responsible for implementing and providing medical care to their respective areas. But in general, as long as you have a Spanish social security number (which you can get from the treasury office or Tesorería de la Seguridad Social) and legal documents, you will be entitled to the free or subsidised health care. The public health care system or Sistema Nacional de Salud in Spain is of the high standard and equipped with highly skilled medical personnel. You will be relieved to know that both the private and public sectors provide efficient emergency response all over Spain. You can dial 112 to get hold of an operator who will dispatch the appropriate emergency team to your location.

Most of the time, the state only covers up to 75% of the total cost that’s why locals still opt to get private health care. Expats in Spain should also strongly consider getting an international insurance since it has a wider coverage compared to the local providers as well as the geography coverage that could help you in case you need to go back home for an intervention. Explore the different options from the providers selected for you by ExpatFinder.



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