Health Risks in Spain



People relocating to Spain like the fact that there are no major health risks in the country. But as a precautionary measure, expats will benefit much from understanding even the minor issues that may affect their health.

Taking out public or private health insurance in Spain also helps keep expenses in control.

A recent outbreak of influenza A or H1N1 clouds people's perception about the safety of moving to this country. Influenza cases in Spain are no different from those that could be found anywhere in the world. While all visitors should do their best and be prepared in case of emergency, the risks found even from these illnesses are not unlike what you would encounter in any other low-risk country.

Spain is free of malaria; hence, no precautionary measures are necessary. Due to the country's predominantly hot climate, however, expats may have to deal with sunburns unless they protect themselves appropriately.

For complete information on the health situation in Spain, it is good to research it, or to be absolutely safe, one may consult a travel medicine specialist at least two to four weeks prior to departure for Spain. It is also wise to be always a step ahead by purchasing international health insurance before moving to Spain.