Vaccinations in Spain



Foreigners moving to Spain are not obliged to obtain any special vaccinations or immunizations. However, it remains important to consult a travel medicine specialist so recommended precautions may be taken.

Usually, people only need routine shots including MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) and DPT (diphtheria, polio, tetanus) before leaving for Spain. However, a travel doctor may suggest other vaccinations or immunizations based on various factors such as health history and the specific area where one will be staying.

In case vaccinations are needed, it is best to make this consultation with a travel doctor at least four to six weeks before the trip so the vaccines will have time to take effect and can provide protection by the time the expat arrives in Spain. The doctor may also prescribe medicines and teach methods on protecting oneself from any illness that may exist in certain areas.

Expats who will be working with wild animals, including researchers, wildlife caregivers and the like are strongly advised to be vaccinated against rabies.

Recommendations for vaccinations can vary every now and then, with some being "strongly recommended" for those who are spending a lot of time in the country, including expats. Hence, it is important to check the Spanish embassy website for updates or changes.