Multi Trip Travel Insurance in Spain

Spain has a low mortality rate complementing its high life expectancy, with only 5 deaths within the last year for every 1000 residents in the country. Expats can expect the same great level of care given to locals should the need arise, but only with the proper travel insurance multi trip in Spain policy helping out.Travel multi trip health insurance is a special type of insurance policy that may cover you throughout the duration of several vacations without needing to buy individual insurance for all of them. Joining travel multi trip insurance will help you put aside a lot of money in comparison to purchasing each on its own, so contact our insurance selected partners on this page to request a quote on your chosen plan.


Providing for the overseas travel needs of the global population, including in Spain, is International Medical Group's multi-trip travel insurance. The goal of IMG is to make vital products available by way of vital services. Hence, it has created various subsidiaries in different locations across the globe, working from a central office and ensuring that services are provided with the highest efficiency possible.

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To be really protected as an expatriate in Spain or any global location, there has to be the right type of insurance policy available. Multi-trip plans, such as Atlas Professional by MultiNational Underwriters, are very helpful to individuals who have to make regular trips abroad within a 12-month period. MNU offers various types of coverage, depending on the client's requirements, including Group Secure, Student Secure and more.

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