Cost of Living in Sri Lanka



The country of Sri Lanka is an island that oozes with exotic appeal in every corner. It is revered for its wealth of history and exotic charms which an expatriate will find hard to resist.

In spite of the fact that the cost of living is pretty high, many expatriates are still interested in moving to Sri Lanka. The travelers' cheques and foreign currency can be exchanged at numerous commercial banks, hotels, and resorts for a 0.5% handling charge and commission that varies from bank to bank. Credit cards are also acceptable as payments except in rural areas.

An expatriate who wishes to have a luxurious stay in Sri Lanka may have to pay as much as SLRs. 100,000 and above per month in the capital city of Colombo. There are also apartments that cost SLRs. 50,000 to 80,000 per month, while a studio - type room will likely cost SLRs. 10,000 to 45,000 monthly. An expatriate who is interested in purchasing real estate in Sri Lanka must know the rules which classify lands as two kinds, the divided and undivided. Only Sri Lankan Citizens are allowed to purchase undivided land, yet since not everybody is aware of these rules, some expatriates end up being cheated. They buy land but could never make any use of it. On the other hand, divided land can be purchased by any expatriate without any problem. Real estate purchases in Sri Lanka are also taxed 100%, but the government will usually be open to negotiation.

Sri Lankans love for food and spice is their passion. Most of their dishes are served with chili and cost depends on the place where such food is sourced. Expensive restaurants may cost SLRs. 1000 to 5000 for a nice meals, medium-scale restaurants usually charge about SLRs 100 to 800, while street foods go from SLRs. 10- 80.

Three-wheeler taxis, also known as tuk tuk, are the most common mode of public transportation in Sri Lanka. Tuk tuks are available in the city of Colombo and many other provincial towns. Unlike other taxis, these vehicles do not have meters so passengers will have to negotiate with the driver for a price first before getting on them. If one is aware of the distance to his destination, the thumb rule for bargaining is at the rate of 20 to 50 rupees per km. Indeed, any trip to Sri Lanka is simply incomplete without a ride in one of these colorful three-wheelers.

Household utilities which include, gas, electricity, water, telephone bills, cable and internet connections may cost SLRs. 2000 to 8000 and above per month. For healthcare, the Colombo National Hospital and city health dispensaries provide free consultations and attend to emergency cases 24 hours a day. Some hotels and resorts even have specific doctors assigned for expat guests.

Sri Lanka is surely a thrilling escape for tourists and an exciting new home for expats in this continental island of Asia where foreigners are beginning to realize they can live and exciting and vibrant life for less.



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