Guide to Dental Care in Sri Lanka



Dental care in the country, just like the rest of its health care system, has seen quite an improvement in the past years. However, there is still much work that needs to be done as far as putting the dental care industry at a competitive level with its neighboring countries.

The advent of dental tourism in the Southern Asia region has brought many of the advancements felt in the field of dental care in Sri Lanka. With the promotion of healthy competition between dental care providers came state-of-the- art technologies in dental facilities, most especially in major cities in the country.

Although care through these dental facilities may be more expensive for locals, for expatriates who earn quite a considerable amount, the cost of good quality dental care is definitely more affordable in comparison to how much the same service or treatment would cost in Western countries.

This is where having private health insurance in Sri Lanka comes handy. The public health care system provides minimal coverage when it comes to dental care, and most of the time, the facilities where you can avail of them are very limited.

Dental tourism in Sri Lanka is something that travelers and expatriates get to enjoy and appreciate, not only for its absolutely cheaper price tag, but the vacation and unique experience that goes with it.



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