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Experienced and first-time expats usually forget one thing when preparing for their new lives abroad: securing a good access to health care and making sure to be covered for it. House, transportation, school, food and other essential needs come first, which is entirely understandable. But as you relocate to Sri Lanka, you must not forget how important it is to secure yourself and your finances given the fact that you are still unfamiliar with the new environment.

Basically your job is to manage to recreate at least the same level of protection you currently have in your home country.

The way things are dealt with in your home country is different from the processes and procedures abroad, so it will be best to have a team of professionals who got your back in the time of emergency or absolute need. Let us guide you on how you can get health care and protection while you are posted in Sri Lanka.

Getting Insurance

The first place to ask about your health care while you are in Sri Lanka is the Human Resource office of your company. Expats should have this type of benefit as part of their relocation programme and should have been discussed during the contract signing. Even if not part of your benefits package, try and arrange for them to recommend a third party or advisor.

Once you have confirmed that you have medical coverage through your employer, you have to check if they are accredited by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. If in any case that your company makes sudden changes to your insurance or failed to comply with the agreement on your policy, you can contact the Central Bank of Sri Lanka to get legal assistance.

Other sources of insurance products in Sri Lanka are the international and local brokers who offer both life and non-life coverage. You can choose between an international health care provider such as CIGNA Global and a local insurer called Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation, which is the country’s leading provider of life, health, auto, home, travel and business protection. Always remember that choosing the right company is the secret in having security and peace of mind so take your time in deciding which on can best suit your needs.

Importance of Insurance

Sri Lanka can be easily called as a paradise in South-east Asia because of its undeniable natural beauty. But this tropical country can also pose several health risks that all expats must be aware of and call for the need of proper health care. The risk of malaria is prevalent in the country because of its climate so you need to put insect repellent and keep your environment clean to avoid mosquitoes from breeding. You should also be cautious about contaminated food and water in Sri Lanka since it can cause cholera or Hepatitis A. Expats are most prone to these sicknesses because their bodies are still adjusting to the new environment.  

As we mentioned earlier, the procedures abroad can be different from what you are used to. You wouldn’t want to deal with the language barrier or unfamiliarity with the local regulations especially if you are already caught up in an emergency situation. Having insurance will not just aid you financially but can also serve as your backup team who are experts on how things are handled in Sri Lanka.

Local Insurance in Sri Lanka

The public health care of Sri Lanka provides free medical care to all local citizens and migrants. Its goal is to minimise the mortality rate and increase the quality of life by promoting health-related activities that’ll prevent diseases. If you want to save on hospital bills, you can go to the National Hospital of Sri Lanka or to the Colombo National Hospital where consultations are free, and emergency service is available 24/7. There is also an abundance of highly skilled medical volunteers, staff and doctors that will make up for the underdeveloped facilities in the country.

Because of the limitations of the public health care scheme, most expatriate will look at attending the private healthcare clinics such as Hemas hospital or Oasis Hospital. Patients who are covered by the international policy will be immediately accommodated and have the peace of mind that they will receive medical service anywhere in the country and in other countries (within coverage limitation) should they need to seek treatment abroad.



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