Multi Trip Travel Insurance in Sri Lanka

Travel insurance multi trip in Slovenia is best for individuals or groups that see themselves entering the country many times in a year. Multi-trip coverage means the policyholder will be covered within a specific period, usually twelve months, regardless of how many times he flies in and out of Sri Lanka.


Expats in Sri Lanka who are looking to decrease their travel insurance bills can bank on International Medical Group. IMG takes pride in its wide-ranging benefits that are suitable for all clients, whether businesses, individuals or families. Over the past two decades, IMG has been a well-respected name in the industry of overseas health insurance.

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Expat life in Sri Lanka, as in any other country in the world, is filled with unique intricacies. That is why utmost care is necessary for anyone who plans to buy travel insurance. MultiNational Underwriters' Atlas Professional provides top level multi-trip coverage for those who have to travel abroad several times over a year. With this plan, a traveler can even save money by paying only for one policy that will cover him for several trips within the indicated timeframe.

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