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The quality of the Swedish national public educational system is high and makes it possible to provide decent schooling to all students who live in Sweden at no charge for tuition. Primary schooling for children in Sweden lasts from the age of 7 years up until the student is 16 years old, although parents have the additional option of sending their sons and daughter who are aged 6 years old to a non required preschool class. All children living in Sweden who are less than 6 years old are furthermore entitled to be enrolled in a day care facility if the parents so wish. The cost of these public day care centers is subsidized by the Swedish state, leaving only a small part of the tuition to be paid by the parents of the toddler or infant. However even this small amount is waived in the case of children who are disabled, in which case the Swedish government picks up the entire amount of the daycare tuition. In addition to all of the state operated schools that are in the Swedish public school system, there are a good many private schools and internationally operated schools that are located in the country.

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