Emergency Numbers in Sweden



Emergency medical care in Sweden is widely available across the county. One can expect an exemplary and organized medical emergency system.

Sweden's hotline is 112 for all emergencies; 112 is equivalent to 911 in the US and used in many other European countries. This 24-hour toll free number is used in most EU nations to reach police, fire brigade, and ambulance services. About 93% of the calls are answered in less than ten seconds and all operators can speak English.

Ambulance services (air or land) are free of charge in most Swedish regions. Sweden has a total of 60 hospitals providing 24-hour emergency services.

Sjukvårdsrådgivningen or the healthcare advice line in Sweden can be reach by dialing 1177, a 24-hour call centre for non-emergency health information advice and care consultation. The number should not be used to get emergency help or any ongoing problem where treatment is already being received. Qualified nurses answer the call to provide over the phone medical consultation and treatment.

Note that a prescription is needed to buy a medicine in apotek or pharmacy in Sweden. Only prescriptions from a doctor or midwife are accepted. In Stockholm, one can call 020-667766, a 24-hour hotline for pharmaceutical questions (dosage, adverse reactions or certain medications).



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