Guide to Dental Care in Sweden



To be eligible for dental care benefits from the Swedish healthcare scheme, one must have been resident for more than a year in Sweden, with a Swedish personal identity number and Swedish taxes paid.

Emergency dental care services are provided free of charge to EU/EEA citizens if they are covered in their home country and have the EHIC.

Swedish healthcare provides free dental care for children and adolescents under 20 years old. For adults, dental care allowance is provided for regular visits to the dentists. The allowance rate yearly varies depending on the age of the person. As per 2009 rates, persons aged 20-29 or 75 and over will get SEK300.00 (approximately US$D40.00) allowance every year and SEK150.00 (approximately USD$20.00) every year for people aged 30-74.

Private health insurance in Sweden is not common due the high-level of care provided by the state. Some employers offer international health insurance in Sweden as part of the expat-package. Ensure the policy includes dental care, as it is quite costly.

A check up with dentists normally ranges from SEK400.00 (approximately USD$54.00) to SEK1,000.00 (approximately USD$135.00). Costs for filing a cavity vary; cost can start at SEK500.00 (about USD$67.00).



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