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Once you have decided to move abroad, you should immediately set your mind that there will be an extensive list of things that you need to prepare to make your relocation a success. Most expats start with the basics: work, home, transportation, food and utilities. But once they're done with these, they soon forget that there’s still one important factor that is missing which is their health care, access to it and level of protection.  

Of course, no one wants to anticipate an emergency situation or an accident but what you should keep in mind is that anything can go out of hand especially that you are on an unfamiliar ground. Sweden is a prosperous country that holds many possibilities and let us guides you on how you can protect yourself while you are securing your future.

Getting Insurance

Before contacting private brokers, you must talk first to the Human Resource department of your employer to inquire if you have health coverage as part of your relocation package to Sweden. This type of benefit is mandatory by law for all companies who have employees that are 50 and above. This will help you in your first stage of the definition of your needs, an important step in securing some services. What do you need?

All insurance companies in Sweden are under the regulation of The Riksbank (Sveriges Riksbank), a local institution that is in charge of monitoring their operation and ensures that no legal rights of the clients are being violated.

Expats in Sweden can also get both life and non-life insurance products from the international and local brokers in the country. Even if the need for protection is a must, you shouldn’t rush yourself into choosing a company. It is best that you call a couple of them and ask about their different policies so that you’ll have more knowledge on who among them can provide your needs. You can choose from AXA Global Healthcare which is an international provider of healthcare to expats in Sweden or a local company called AFA Sjuk Insurance, one of the country’s leading non-life insurer.

Importance of Insurance

Sweeden is a very welcoming country with no major health risks. Of course, you can list a few that are normal and that you would find in other European countries such as tick bites and other insects related infections. In Sweden, TBE or Tick-borne encephalitis and Lyme disease are prevalent that’s why expats are strongly advised to use topical insect repellent to avoid getting bitten by bugs.

You should not, for one moment, take for granted the importance of having insurance when in a different country. Even if you are young and fit, it is never too early to ensure your health and finances. A majority of people are trapped in thinking that insurance, medical coverage to be precise can only be used during an emergency situation. That is totally wrong. Expats should know that health care can also shoulder the fees for vaccinations, routine check-ups, physical exams and laboratory tests. These types of services can help you greatly in maintaining and ensuring that your body is in good condition.

Local Insurance

One of the world's best health care is provided in Sweden. The local government invests a huge portion of its GDP in ensuring that all citizens and expats with resident visas will receive excellent medical care. The medical fees for adults are highly subsidised and those under 20 years old usually enjoy free services or treatments. For you to take advantage of the public health care in Sweden, you must apply for a personnummer or personal identification number from the tax office. One thing that expats should anticipate is the long wait list in the public facilities where patients with emergency needs are accommodated within three days while those with non-urgent needs can have an appointment in a health centre within seven days and not longer than 90 days if they are requesting for a specialist.

Expats especially those from non-EU states (that still don’t qualify for Swedish residency) should still look into private or better yet, international insurance. Having international policy can save you from the long queue in the public hospitals and at the same time ensure that you will receive medical care anywhere you are (depending on your coverage). Expats can also consider these multinational companies as their one-stop shop where they can get a policy that is designed to meet all their needs and type of lifestyle as a foreign national away from home.


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