Visiting the Doctor in Sweden



Expect to receive the best medical care when living in Sweden. Sweden’s universal healthcare scheme is often on the top list of worldwide rankings for healthcare systems.

All citizens and legal residents are covered under Swedish universal health care, which is compulsory and is provided equally to everyone. The healthcare is financed by taxes levied by county councils and municipalities. Public healthcare can be accessed by EU and EEA nationals just like any Swedish citizens if they are covered with a health insurance in their home country. 

Foreign nationals who have a valid residence permit for one year and a national registration number can use public healthcare treatment at a reduced cost. If coming from a country without any reciprocal agreements with Sweden, one is advised to take private insurance. Having international health insurance in Sweden will help cover the costs of medication and treatment. 

All municipalities have health centres (Vårdcentralen) with primary care physicians or specialists. Consultations have a standard fee, and every patient has to pay out of pocket payments. The subsidized standard cost of consultation fees under the public social insurance scheme ranges from SEK120.00 (approximately USD16.00) to SEK300.00 (approximately USD$40.00). 

Those without a Swedish personal identity number or an EHIC will have to fork out payment of around SEK1,700.00 (approximately USD$229.00) to SEK 2,000.00 (approximately USD$270.00). 

There are private clinics in the Stockholm area that cater to foreigners, but most of the hospitals in Sweden are public.