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It can sometimes be difficult to find available rental accommodation in Sweden, especially in Stockholm and other large cities. Housing in Sweden operates in a very different fashion from most places. Of all the housing in the nation, roughly 22% consists of what is known as public housing, which is operated by local associations. There is a high demand, which means that the waiting list for such properties can become very long. Rent prices are regulated by law and even private owners are legally restricted from having their accommodation priced much higher than nearby public housing in Sweden. Open rental property vacancies that are available in Sweden can sometimes be found listed online on internet web sites that have classified newspaper advertisements. One Swedish web site that has a listing under accommodations is blocket.se. On another web site, bostaddirekt.com, the real estate rental listings can be accessed for free, but responding requires paying an online fee in Swedish currency. On account of the exceedingly high demand for any available accommodation in Sweden, most apartments and other rentals do not stay on the rental market for long before they are quickly rented out to the first available tenant who can afford the rental charges.

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