Multi Trip Travel Insurance in Sweden

Along with single trip insurance, travel insurance multi trip in Sweden also enjoys a thriving market. The country’s tourism industry makes over SEK 254 billion each year and is backed by equally thriving hospitality and service industries. Sweden is aiming to hit a target of SEK 500 billion by 2020 in tourist revenue.


The International Medical Group is a premiere provider of international health insurance plans, including multi-trip travel insurance for people who habitually travel overseas. IMG has the vital products, services and resource networks, enabling it to safeguard travelers in Sweden and around the globe, regardless if the trip is for pleasure or business.

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Those who are looking for a one-sweep protection through their travels can count on MultiNational Underwriters' Atlas Professional. The plan is specifically designed for expats in Sweden and around the world for all their insurance requirements. This is to ensure that their needs are appropriately provided for with a single policy, which ends up more cost-effective than a separate policy purchased for each separate trip.

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