Tax Advisory in Sweden

Expat tax in Sweden depends on how long the expat has been staying in the country. For tax purposes, a foreigner may be considered a Swedish resident if he is permanently living in the country and owns his own home, or if he is staying in Sweden for at least 6 months each year, excluding short trips abroad.

Reduced taxes, full compliance with expat-specific regulations and preventing burdensome tax audits are three ways an expat benefits from personal taxation assistance professional. UK-based specialist Andrew Baker, who has at least three and a half decades of industry experience under his belt, is a trusted choice for his clients in Sweden and many parts of the world.

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All that an expat ever wanted when it comes to their taxes is to have someone who can give them proactive tax advices. A global firm such as Tax Advisory Expatriates is what it takes for expat clients in Sweden and other countries to know more about their tax qualifications and obligations while overseas.

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