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In the Swiss school system, there are over one and a half million students enrolled in educational learning facilities all across the country, which is nearly a fifth of the entire population of Switzerland. The language of instruction used for teaching students in Swiss schools is always in one of the four official languages of Switzerland, depending on the particular region - German, French, Italian, or the Romansh language. All children in Switzerland must attend classes between the ages of 7 and 16 years old.


The public state sponsored schooling system in Switzerland is provided free of cost, even for the children of foreign nationals who are residing in Switzerland. It is also not uncommon for children in Switzerland to spend a couple of years in kindergarten in advance of their mandatory schooling; and around 98.5 percent of Swiss children of the appropriate age group do attend such preschools, which typically include arts and crafts, music, and dancing among their educational activities.


Pupils attending Swiss schools tend to score fairly highly in the academic areas of math and science. The public schools of each canton have different curricula and public holidays. Students who go to the public schools in Switzerland do not have to wear any school uniforms.

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