Emergency Numbers in Switzerland



Calling for emergency help is something expats will never want to do, but because it may be inevitable, memorizing emergency numbers or keeping them in an easily accessible place can be lifesaving.

Sometimes, people are overwhelmed by the urgency of situations and tend to be disoriented when they have to call for help. Those who do not remember the exact number to dial for a particular type of emergency may just call 117 for the police and be redirected from there.

Still, specific numbers for specific circumstances will be accessible. For example, to call for an ambulance, one may dial 144. For fire, it's 118. For poison-related cases, one may call 145. For emergencies involving children, the number to dial is 147.

For area-specific emergency telephone numbers, one may look at the back of any Swiss phone directory where all hotlines are listed.

Emergency response teams in Switzerland are highly equipped and trained to respond to any call. However, getting emergency care may not be possible without proof of insurance, even when one is registered with the national health insurance scheme.



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