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Most private and international schools in Geneva have long waitlist so it's best that you enlist your child as soon as you arrive. If you are only in the city for a short period, it's best that you enrol your kids to one of these institutions so they can still continue with the curriculum from your home country.

You can check the International School of Geneva: Ecolint, the oldest and biggest school in the country that caters to the expat community. Local schools in Geneva are also known for providing quality education and could be a good option for your children if you are staying for an extended period. One of the best local institutions in the city is the University of Geneva which was founded in 1559.

International Schools 

Switzerland is known for its boarding schools, but there are also several international schools in the country, especially in Geneva. The international schools usually offer the International Baccalaureate programme which is the international equivalent of a high school diploma. There are also some schools that offer the British, American, or Australian curriculum. Your choice should depend on your future plans and where you think your family will be over the course of your child’s school life.

Some of the international schools are:


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