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Welcome to your transition process to Switzerland, let’s have a look at your health care requirements and needs.

The whole transition process to a different country is both time and energy consuming. Aside from the basic needs, expats also need to prepare themselves to battle the loneliness of being away from home, get through the culture shock and break down the language barrier. In short, relocating is a rigorous process. Once they have settled down and found a community to belong, expats begin to feel at ease or comfortable that’s why a majority of people tend to miss healthcare as one of their urgent needs. Keep in mind that no matter how careful or cautious you are, being in a foreign land entails many ‘what ifs’ and uncertainties. Those are the exact reasons why you should protect your health and finances while working hard to secure your future. Allow us to walk you through on how you can arm yourself against the unknown as you start a new journey in the amazing country of Switzerland.

Getting Insurance

As an expat, your employer or sponsor should provide you medical coverage while working in Switzerland. Relocation packages should include this type of benefit and if you have questions regarding your policy, feel free to contact the Human Resource manager of your company to get further knowledge about your coverage. If in any case that your employer violates your client’s rights and fails to comply with your agreement, you can get assistance from the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), a local government sector in charge of ensuring that all insurance companies in Switzerland are legally operating.

"The healthcare here is one of the reasons we are staying put. Swiss insurance is somewhat expensive, but the quality of health care is fabulous."- Lisa B, Expat in Switzerland

You can also get other types of coverage from the international and local brokers in Sweden that offer both life and non-life insurance products. There is Clements Worldwide, which is a global provider of healthcare among expats. You can also consider a Swiss company such as CSS Insurance that offers life, travel and health coverage. Its best to call a couple of companies so that you’ll have a broader idea about their different policies. Knowledge is the best resource that’ll help you in choosing which provider can suit your individual needs.


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Importance of Insurance

Currently, there are no required vaccinations for expats entering Switzerland, but it is still best that you get vaccinated against Hepatitis A and B, rabies, tetanus, and measles.

Take your time in learning your policy so that you can avoid misconceptions and make the most out of your investment. Most people think that insurance only covers the extremes such as accidents and emergency situations. You can get vaccinations or have routine check-ups, physical exams and request for daily supplements that’ll boost your immune system without the worries of shelling out a huge sum of money.

Local Insurance in Switzerland

Switzerland has a highly regarded healthcare system where the government substantially subsidises medical costs. It means that public healthcare is not free even for Swiss residents. Expats are mandatory required by the state to have coverage within three months of their arrival, which is either provided by their employers or availed thru private insurers. If your insurance payment exceeds 8% of your earnings, the state will pay for the excess amount as a form of assistance. Both the public and private sectors in Switzerland are in excellent condition, but you will find most of the English speaking medical staff in private facilities either in Zurich or Geneva.

As mentioned earlier, expats in Switzerland are better to have private coverage aside from the assistance coming from the state. Few international companies in the country can provide you with comprehensive policies that are designed to meet your lifestyle as an expat. Having health care from a multinational insurer can give you the peace of mind that you will have medical service not just in Switzerland but anywhere you are.


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