Renting a house in Zurich



An individual or family in Zurich spends about 25% to 32% of their monthly income in the house rental on average. Foreign assignees should expect that the prices in the market are high especially those in the prime areas.

As of the moment, EU citizens and expats from non-EU countries that have Work C permit are eligible to purchase a house as long as it is meant for residential or personal use. Another factor that causes the rental cost to go up the roof is that a majority of the Swiss prefer to rent rather than buy, thus creates an addition to the already high demand.

Some companies provide housing for their relocating assignees, but there are also several employers that don’t offer this type of benefit. The search for accommodation is a stressful and time-consuming part of the relocation process. It is best to start browsing through real estate website in Zurich a few weeks before arrival to have an idea about the price range of rentals in a particular neighbourhood. Once in the city, the most efficient and fastest way of finding a house/apartment is by hiring the service of a Makler or agences immobilières (real estate agent or agency). Swiss brokers are very familiar with the areas and know where to find the best properties in the market. 

For those who are on a budget, unfurnished units are the best option since they are cheaper than the furnished ones. However, unfurnished apartments will still cost some money because the tenant is the one who has to provide his/her light fittings, washer, oven and furniture. It is a usual practice for landlords to ask for a Kaution (deposit) which can be refunded upon moving out or used to cover repairs or damages to the unit caused by the tenant.

Types of Housing


  • Apartments in Zurich are mostly in the form of a building or occupy a whole block. This type of housing is common in the city centre or Krei 1 where there is little space. However, there are several ground floor apartments in Zurich that include a small patio, communal garden and play are for the kids. Single expats or those who have a small household that prefers to live in the metropolitan despite the high rental cost can consider this type of accommodation.


  • In Zurich, the average size of houses ranges between 90-100 square metre and are often located outside the city centre or surrounding suburbs. The larger space, the higher the rental cost of the house but it is highly unlikely for an expat to find a five- to six-bedroom home. Those who are on a budget can consider living farther from the Metropolitan where the rental costs are cheaper but mean living a little isolated from most of the international community who are residing in the city centre.

A typical Swiss home has an old-fashioned 1920s design on the outside but has modern interiors. These type of accommodation are often located in the old town in district one and several neighbourhoods in districts 2 and 7. Industrial houses in districts 9, 11 and 12 are preferable because they are near the Zurich Airport and have proximity to public transport.


Home Search Services in Switzerland in Zurich

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