Visiting the Doctor in Switzerland



Healthcare costs in Switzerland may be high but all can be justified by the superior quality of its medical services made possible by some of the world's best doctors working in some of the world's best equipped hospitals and medical facilities.

To see a doctor, one can ask for referrals from fellow expats or check online listings. Language is the typical problem of foreigners in Switzerland when seeing a local doctor. However, this can be managed simply by looking specifically for listings of English-speaking doctors in Switzerland by inquiring from one's embassy.

When seeing a private doctor, a patient usually has to set an appointment with the secretary, while public doctors will see anyone who walks in. After a visit, a patient does not pay any amount, but can expect a bill within 60-90 days from the doctor. After payment, the patient may file for reimbursement from his insurer. Anyone can see any GP in any clinic or hospital in Switzerland with or without a GP's referral.

It is important for expats to know that, unlike most countries, health insurance is normally not arranged by employers. Insurance also comes individually which means to insure every person in the household, each one must have his or her own policy. On top of the obligatory national healthcare scheme, expats may also take out private health insurance in Switzerland to help augment the costs.