Serviced Apartments in Geneva

Expats looking for a serviced apartment in Geneva will find that they are quite common. The city features the apartment as the most popular type of accommodation, and there is a wide array of studio apartments as well as two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments available for expat individuals and families to avail of. Serviced apartments are the best choice for foreign employers who are sending their employees to Geneva for business trips or meetings. In Geneva, serviced apartments come fully equipped with a kitchen area and other amenities that make living in Geneva more comfortable and efficient. 

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Swiss Luxury Serviced Apartments, Geneva

"Swiss Luxury Apartments certainly lives up to its name as one of Geneva's best residences. With several options to choose from, guests can have the best of Geneva’s distinct lifestyle. Adding to that deluxe experience is the wealth of locations around the apartment that can be explored and experienced easily. "

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From CHF 370.00 per night
Swiss Luxury Apartments

Swiss Luxury Apartments provides exclusive accommodation to individuals who are planning to stay for both short and long term period in Geneva. Perfect for business travellers, the Swiss Luxury Apartments offer a convenient abode for corporate functions and other business matters. You’ll never go wrong with Swiss Luxury Apartments.

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Swiss Inn Hotel & Apartments

Swiss Inn Hotel & Apartments reflects the unique hospitality and generosity of the Swiss culture. Whether you are travelling to Interlaken for a long vacation with some friends/families or planning a business trip, the serviced apartments can answer your accommodation needs. Check out this luxurious serviced apartment in Switzerland today.

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Starling Residence Serviced Apartments, Geneva

Starling Residence Geneve is the perfect place to hold a new home. This Swiss city holds endless opportunities for luxury, leisure and recreation. The Starling Residence allows guests to fully savor the city's unique beauty, through its convenience to some of Geneva's finest bars, restaurants, pubs, and other exciting attractions.

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From CHF 250.00 per night
Résidence Rossi Serviced Apartments, Geneva

Residence Rossi holds a very good reputation as one of Geneva's most attractive and affordable luxury homes. Full of vivid colors and a pleasant atmosphere, Residence Rossi's accommodations are absolutely fresh and clean, and its amenities and services are truly world-class in quality. This is certainly the perfect Swiss experience.

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From CHF 34.00 per night
Résidence Moleson Serviced Apartments, Geneva

Located in the heart of Geneva, at the Servette District, is the renowned Residence Moleson. Known for its commendable services, and excellent accommodations, Residence Moleson offers nothing but premium luxury and comfort for a very affordable price. Certainly this is a true gem of a home not to be missed.

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From CHF 30.00 per night
Residence du Grand Saconnex Serviced Apartments, Geneva

Geneva is a timeless city, oozing with fantastic delights, a rich culture, and charming locals. All of these and more can be experienced at the Residence du Grand Saconnex. The superb serviced apartment boasts of premium living accommodations and services that are truly marvelous and comfortable at the same time.

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From SGD 150.00 per night
Résidence Dizerens Serviced Apartments, Geneva

Residence Dizerens has all of Geneva's coolest attractions and opportunities in spades. It boasts of several fully-furnished rooms, with complete facilities and services. Many locations can be easily explored as they are only a few steps away. Truly this is a wonderful, and complete home located close to the Alps.

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From CHF 110.00 per night
Résidence de France Serviced Apartments, Geneva

Residence de France is a superb, lavish home filled with tons of exciting amenities and accommodations. It can be found in Geneva, across the United Nations building, and is close to hundreds of lively locations. With so many options at hand, Residence de France is the prime choice for travelers.

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From CHF 50.00 per night
Résidence Dalphin Serviced Apartments, Geneva

The historic city of Geneva is perfect for a rich, luxurious experience. Residence Dalphin effortlessly blends classical style with modern comfort, and the end result is nothing short of stunning. This collection of fully-furnished apartments offers the best of contemporary luxury with its fantastic interiors, splendid services and modern amenities.

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From CHF 67.00 per night