Expat Insurance Services in Switzerland

Switzerland has a developed, semi-public health coverage program at the present time. All citizens of Switzerland are now obliged to get basic health coverage from a public or private insurance provider, which completely pays for the medical expenses, including ambulances, for most kinds of treatment.

The premium of a basic policy is usually around 95 euros per month in addition to pay withholdings and additional fees, but it is free for all minors in Switzerland below the age of 18. Insurance companies compete to provide the cheapest premiums, and it is getting simpler to change insurance providers. Some businesses in Switzerland will provide less expensive group medical care rates for their own workers. Those with lower incomes can qualify for a medical care grant to buy the basic health plan. However, only some types of dental care, such as prosthetic teeth, are covered for adults in the basic health policy.

Expatriates in Switzerland must obtain some basic health insurance within three months, although doctors by law still have to treat everyone in an emergency irrespective of their amount of coverage. Whether or not expatriates in Switzerland legally need to buy the basic Swiss health program is decided by how long they have stayed in the country.

Health Insurance in Switzerland

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Life Insurance in Switzerland

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