Multi Trip Travel Insurance in Switzerland

To match with the incredibly high life expectancy in the country, Switzerland also has an incredibly low mortality rate, with only 5 registered deaths in every 1000 residents within the last year. This number speaks to a great health network that travellers can make use of with the right travel insurance multi trip in Switzerland policy.Travel multi trip cover is a specific sort of insurance policy that could protect you throughout the course of many vacations without needing to purchase separate coverage for each. Combining travel multi trip insurance can help you put aside a good amount of your money in comparison to purchasing all on their own, so request contact from our insurance partners right here to request a free quote on your most fitting plan.


International Medical Group is a highly popular provider of multi-trip travel insurance products to expatriates in Switzerland and the world over. For no less than 20 years, IMG has devoted its efforts to designing the best medical coverage and delivering impeccable service to the global community, whether they are visiting or residing abroad for indefinite periods.

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Making overseas trips bring along a lot of uncertainties. That's why travel insurance is always a good investment. In Switzerland, Atlas Professional by MultiNational Underwriters dedicates itself to the protection of frequent travelers through excellent multi-trip coverage, which even reduces costs because of one policy covering all trips made over a single year. Whether a trip is planned or spur-of-the-moment, Atlas Professional provides immediate security through advanced travel and medical assistance services.

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