Single Trip Travel Insurance in Switzerland

Switzerland has some of the toughest immigration laws in the world, set at ensuring only the best workers from around the world can move to the country. Still, 182,803 people made their way to Switzerland last year, all with the right expat insurance or travel insurance single trip in Switzerland needed by law.


The best thing about travelling is that expatriates are confident that they are safe and covered. Those visiting in Switzerland and other expat destinations are lucky to have IMG and be presented by their GlobeHopper plans which focuses in securing the lives of their international clients plus those of their loved ones.

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MultiNational Underwriters offer some of the excellent travel insurance products and services known in the world. It is used by many individuals, families, organizations and corporations in Switzerland and other countries. The best thing about MultiNational Underwriter is that they designed these products to match the needs of every expatriate in the market.

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