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Expatriates relocating to Zürich frequently choose the option of corporate housing rental as a spacious solution and a good way to feel at home in Zürich quickly when arriving in town.

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The Apartments Swiss Star

Swiss Star Apartments is widely-renowned as some of Zurich's finest serviced apartments. With branches all over the city, finding a suitable home has never been this easy and convenient. This particular Swiss Star home can be found in the Wiedikon area., adjacent to the Sihl Promenade and many more attractions.

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Seestrasse Apartments Serviced Apartments, Zurich

Serving as an ideal home in Zurich is Seestrasse Apartments, a lovely accommodation with tons of exciting opportunities and amenities. All of its rooms are excellently made, perfect homes for the dynamic modern individual. It has tons of nearby attractions, all of which are just a short walk away from Seestrasse.

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From CHF 160.00 per night
Hotel Dolder Waldhaus Serviced Apartments, Zurich

With a magnificent view of the city, Dolder Walhaus sits on top of a hill. This castle-like home exudes a wonderful feeling of royalty, luxury and comfort. Each room provides a complete home, well-furnished and full of sweet accommodations and amenities. Also, close by are Zurich's best attractions and hotspots.

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From CHF 220.00 per night
Livingdowntown Serviced Apartments, Zurich

Living downtown is an excellent serviced apartment found in the heart of historic Zurich. It is home to a vast array of opportunities for luxury living and modern convenience. All rooms are well-made, very fresh, clean and dynamic. In addition, Zurich's sweetest locations are only a few steps away from Living downtown.

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From CHF 100.00 per night
Jenatsch Serviced Apartments, Zurich

Jenatsch Apartments offers an ideal home for the modern traveler. It is filled with tons of exciting amenities and facilities that are sure to delight the senses. Fully-furnished rooms are clean, well-ventilated and fresh. The amenities are top notch. The city's finest locations are only a walking distance away.

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From CHF 250.00 per night
Glandon Apartments Saint Jakob Serviced Apartments, Zurich

Glandon Apartments brings the sweetest attractions of Zurich close to home. These fully-appointed residential units are excellently made and feature unmatched comfort and convenience. The amount of detail and care poured into these units are unmatched. Only a few steps from Glandon Apartments are some of Zurich’s most exciting hotspots

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From CHF 85.00 per night
Glandon apartments Nelke Serviced Apartments, Zurich

Zurich is a place of wonder and excitement. There are tons of fantastic locations and venues to be seen and explored, and that has been taken into consideration by Glandon Apartments. With its splendid accommodations, facilities and services, Glandon Apartments brings the best of Zurich into the modern luxury life.

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From CHF 80.00 per night
EMA house Serviced Apartments, Superior Standard, Seefeld

EMA House Serviced Apartments, Superior Standard, Seefeld allow guests to feel the comfort of their home with Zurich’s best service apartments. The EMA house management holds on to their single objective that is to give all its guests the best alternative accommodation compared to expensive hotels found in Zurich.

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EMA house Serviced Apartments, Zurich

EMA House Serviced Apartments is a gem of a home located in the heart of Zurich. It reflects the distinct flavor of the city and is filled with fresh accommodations. The ideal Zurich experience is accented by a wealth of nearby landmarks, only a few steps away from EMA House.

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From CHF 120.00 per night
Citystudios Central Serviced Apartments, Zurich

The ideal Zurich home is best characterized by the lovely Citystudios Central, located right in the heart of this magnificent city. It sports very attractive and fresh accommodations and is perfect for the dynamic traveler. Close by are some of the city's finest hotspots.

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From CHF 300.00 per night