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The Ministry of Education of the Republic of China Government has responsibility for the nation's schooling system. The education it provides is considered to be of the highest quality, with some of the highest average testing scores among students in the categories of science and math. At the present time, and ever since 1968, the number of years that children in Taiwan are legally required to go to school is only 9, but it was recently announced by the Taipei government that by the year 2014 it would become mandatory by law for children to attend school for 12 years. Over 96 percent of the populace of Taiwan knows how to read and write the Chinese language. The school year for students in Taiwan typically begins in the month of September and ends in June. Classes are normally taught in the Mandarin Chinese language as a means of instruction, or "Putonghua". In grades one through six, children in Taiwan take subjects such as Science, Math, Social Studies, Art, English, Chinese, and Native Languages. In grades 7 through 9 they study Chinese literature, Chemistry, Technology, Civics, Home Economics, and Outdoor Scouting Skills. Over 90 percent of Taiwanese students continue to higher education.

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