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While it is regarded as a difficult destination for expats given the language barrier for most of u, over the years, thousands of expats have found their way to this country because of its ultra-modernised cities and job opportunities.

We are here to remind you about one of the most important  factors every expat must look into when moving abroad which is insurance. Taiwan is a long way from home especially if you are from the West. Having protection while in this country is one of the secrets in of a good transition. Let us explain what to look for when assessing your needs for protection.

Getting Insurance

Your first source of health protection is your employer or sponsor. This is type of benefit should be included in your relocation package. If any parts are not elaborately discussed to you, it is best that you speak to your direct manager or hiring manage so that you can have further knowledge about the coverage of your policy. If your employer makes any sudden changes to your insurance or failed to commit to the agreement on the contract, expats can get legal assistance from the Insurance Bureau (Financial Supervisory Commission), a local government sector who regulates the operation of all insurers in Taiwan.

"Healthcare in Taiwan is excellent and very affordable. One tip – most small, local clinics have a certain specialty and are not “general practice”. Also, it’s worth trying traditional Chinese Medicine clinics. I had acupuncture on my back and one treatment cured a lingering back issue that western doctors couldn’t treat."- Andrea Whitaker, Expat in Taiwan

You can get different types of insurance products from the list of accredited international and local companies in Taiwan. Bear in mind that choosing which provider to use is a very important matter, so take your time in learning about their different policies before deciding which one to choose. You can also consider local brokers such as Nan Shan Life Insurance, one of the countries oldest life insurers that was founded in 1963 but again, talk to colleagues or to your HR department , they might have some good relationships with some advisors.


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Importance of Insurance

Any tourists or expats who have plans on going to another country are strongly advised to update their vaccinations against rabies, tetanus, yellow fever, hepatitis A and B. Dengue fever is known sickness in Taiwan in both the city and rural areas of Taiwan. There are more reported cases in the cities of Kaohsiung and Tainan, so put insect repellent to avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes. Another health risk in the country is the growing problem of air pollution, mainly coming from the vehicles and the industrial areas. You might surprise yourself wearing a face mask during pollution Peaks after a while.

Local Insurance in Taiwan

Taiwan is one of the Asian countries that have affordable and easy to access medical care. Almost all locals and a huge number of expats receive benefits from the National Health Insurance, a state-funded public health care scheme that provides free or subsidised medical assistance. For you to take advantage of the NHI, you must first get an Alien Residence Card, which will serve as your proof that you are employed and paying taxes. Always bring your NHI card with you at all times since this will be asked from the GP’s office or by a hospital staff before you can get medical service. Expats should also know that ‘language barrier’ is common mostly in public hospitals but there are Special Clinics set up across the country that is manned by English speaking doctors and personnel. However, these types of clinics are not covered by the NHI so its either you pay thru cash or use private insurance to avoid hefty bills.

Because of the limitations of the NHI, some newcomers will look into private health insurance and some with international coverage. Explore all the options once you have a better idea of your needs.



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