Applying for a Visa in Thailand



Visas in Thailand are relatively straightforward to process. The different categories of visas will have different requirements based on the applicant’s country of origin.

What follows should be considered general guidelines, and you should contact the relevant embassy or consultant in your country.

Visa types

  • Tourist

Nationals of 52 countries are not required to apply for a visa if they are travelling to Thailand as a tourist. They are permitted to stay in Thailand for a period not exceeding 15-30 days. For the list of countries, go to the Thai Embassy’s website.

  • Spouse or Dependent

If your spouse or dependent would like to work in Thailand, he/she would have to obtain a work permit of his/her own.

  • Student

This visa is for people intending to study at an approved educational institution in Thailand. To apply for the visa, you will need to submit your passport and supporting documents, such as a letter of acceptance, from your sponsor, which is usually the educational institution.

Most visas require the following:

  1. Visa Application Form: This should be filled in legibly and clearly, using bold (capital) letters in blue or black ink. Your name and other relevant particulars should be filled in identically to the details in the passport.
  2. Passport: Your passport should have a minimum validity of six months from the date of application and, at least, two blank pages.
  3. Photographs: You will need two recent identical passport size photographs depicting a frontal pose against light plain background.
  4. Supporting Documents: If the visa that you are applying for is other than a Tourist Visa, you must submit the required documents specific for your visa category.
  5. Visa Fee: The amount of fee depends on the category of visa, and the country in which the application is being processed.

Foreigner Registration

It is recommended that you register yourself and your family members with your embassy or consulate upon your arrival.

The Immigration Department’s policy also requires all foreigners spending more than 90 consecutive days in Thailand to register with the authorities. The maximum penalty for failure to register is Baht 5,000. However, in practice, the penalty is usually Baht 2,000.