Basics of working in Bangkok



The main challenge for expats working in Bangkok is the language barrier. Most locals speak Thai even in the work place, so if you cannot speak a word of Thai, it might be a good idea to start learning now. Learning a few words can take you a long way in trying to mingle with your local co-workers. You will also find that most expats in Bangkok can speak even casual Thai.

Finding a job in Bangkok can be challenging for foreigners. It’s not very advisable to relocate to Thailand with a tourist visa and just look for a job on the spot. It is recommended that you secure a job with a company in Bangkok before relocating.

In addition to getting a visa, an expat working in Thailand is required to possess a work permit. Most foreigners working in Thailand are subject to the Alien Employment Act. The Act stipulates that a foreigner is not allowed to perform any act of work or service unless a work permit has been issued by the Employment Department, or the individual or the work performed falls within an exception to the Act.

"The government entities were not efficient at all. They would just guide you a little bit but not telling you all." - Paul Meng, Expat in Bangkok

How to find a job

Finding a job in Bangkok is not an easy task, but there are definitely a lot of vacancies and resources that one could use to find a decently paying job. Expats need to have the required skills, qualifications, and possibly, the experience to apply for certain jobs in Bangkok. There is the “Bangkok Post” the leading newspaper industry in Bangkok, their papers contain a lot of classified ads and job opening information, but also be aware that positions advertised in the newspapers may already be filled, this is because many companies post vacancies just to generate more publicity.

The internet may be the most useful of the methods and ways to find a job in Bangkok. Sites like “Jobzing” and “Monster”, offer a decent amount of accessibility to job openings and job applications. These sites allow the user to e-mail directly and contact an employer, submit their resumes and CVs online as an attachment, and wait for the employers response as they evaluate the applicant’s qualification for the designated job. It is very crucial for an applicant to maximise his resources to find a specific and a decent job.

If you would like to find employment in Bangkok, you could try looking for a job online at the following websites:

The English newspapers that have job classifieds are:

Holidays and Day-offs

Public Holidays:

New Year’s Day                     

January 1


A day in February/March

Memorial Day Songkran (Thai New Year)

April 13 – 15


Labour Day

May 1

Coronation Day

May 5

VisakhaBucha (Vesak Day)

A day in May

Mid-Year Bank Holiday

July 1


A day in July/August

Queen’s Birthday

August 12

Chulalongkorn Day

October 23

King’s Birthday

December 5

Constitution Day

December 10


December 25

New Year’s Eve

December 31