Guide to Dental Care in Thailand



Thai dentistry is among the finest in Asia.

Recognized globally and a driving force in dental tourism in the region, Thailand boasts excellent dentists and excellent but affordable dental service. Bangkok is where you find the best clinics in the country. 

Most of the dentists in Thailand can speak English to cater to foreign patients while some clinics often have interpreters not only for English speaking patients but for other languages as well. Thai dentists are well qualified and trained in western and European countries and are members of the Dental Association of Thailand.

From cosmetic treatments to dental implants, Thailand offers a wide range of dental care services. Patients attest to receiving a better level of care than in their home country with a lower cost. A standard root canal ranges from USD$150.00 to USD$300.00 and cleaning costs USD$40.00. The cost of invisalign braces in Thailand can start as low as USD$5,000 while in the US it costs USD$9,000. Getting traditional metal braces in Thailand costs USD$1,500.

Private health insurance in Thailand has different dental coverage per company and policy. When taking out a plan, ensure what type of dental procedures are covered. Some international health insurance companies in Thailand include American International Assurance, AIA (Thailand) Public Company Limited, and BUPA.