Having a Baby in Thailand



Majority of the hospitals in Thailand has different procedures for pre-natal care. The type of birth delivery is the choice of the mother, and is discussed with a gynecologist for the best possible option.

Home births may not be encouraged by Thai hospitals but it is becoming more sought after. Hence, in some cases, private health insurance in Thailand will not cover expenses related to home births. Natural and water birth is offered by Samitivej Hospital. Caesarian deliveries are still a popular option amongst mothers.

The cost of having a baby in Thailand is cheap compared to one's home country. Birth packages in Bangkok range from THB50,000.00 (approximately USD$1,550.00) to THB60,000.00 (approximately USD$1,860.00) for a three to four night stay at hospitals.

Hospitals provide a health record of the child upon discharge from the hospital; the health record that will be provided will either be English (international) or Thai (local hospitals).

Thai citizenship can be acquired if one of the parents is a Thai citizen. Parents of newborn babies should register birth at the District office within 30 days from the date of birth.

Birth registration of Non-Thai nationals should be reported at the parents' respective embassy or consulate. Each embassy will have different processing, requirements and corresponding fees. Most embassies provide the information online on the respective websites. Documents needed are English translated birth certificates, passport-size photographs, parents' passports, and parents' marriage certificate or divorce certificate (if applicable).

Basic insurance will not cover costs for prenatal medical visits and birth. Find reputable international health insurance in Thailand that is accepted in hospitals and clinics throughout the country.