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Expats nowadays are becoming more aware of the importance of financial planning to ensure that their hard-earned money will not be lost. However, many are not mindful of the fact that insurance is the bedrock of all successful financial plans. No matter how intellectually and emotionally prepared you are for all possible mishaps that can happen abroad, the lack of insurance will still cost you a lot of money.

Explore your own benefits package first and then decide on your need. Bangkok is the home of Thailand’s biggest names in the insurance industry and we’ll guide you on how you can protect your health and assets while working hard on your new assignment.

Importance of Insurance

Most of the country’s excellent healthcare facilities and services are situated in Bangkok which makes it easy for you to get medical attention. The city is also considered to be a relatively safe destination with no major threats for expats. However, Bangkok’s tropical climate makes it a breeding ground for dengue and malaria-carrying mosquitoes. Dehydration and diarrhoea are also common sicknesses for expats who are still adjusting to the new environment. These are minor health risks, but it is still best to have proper insurance to ensure that adequate and unparalleled medical services are within your reach in the time of need.

Getting Private Insurance

If you are part of a work related relocation programme to Bangkok, then it’s more likely that you have health insurance provided by your employer. However, employer-provided medical coverage is usually the basic type and may not cover some of the benefits that you are used to having back home. The second option for expats is to get insurance from the different providers in Bangkok. You can choose between multinational companies who offer global health insurance such as the one selected by ExpatFinder and local providers like Bangkok Insurance Public Company Limited which is one of the country’s leading life and non-life insurer.

You have to be very cautious when deciding which company to deal with because some providers in Bangkok have the reputation for disappearing overnight. Make sure that you are only transacting with an insurance company that is accredited by the Office of Insurance Commission. It is also the same agency that protects the rights of policyholders like you against any violations done by their insurance providers. 

Local Insurance 

The local non-life insurance market is known to be the ninth largest in Asia. It is consists of 70 companies which are mostly in Bangkok and is considered to be the primary driving force that contributes to the country’s rapid economic growth. However, in 2010, Thailand experienced political turmoil that severely affected the life insurance business. But with the aid from the Office of Insurance Commission who is promoting awareness to the public about the importance of having coverage, the life insurers are expected to prosper within the next couple of years. OIC also operates under the Finance Ministry and is responsible for supervising the operation of all insurance providers in Bangkok and across Thailand.

Under the 'Road Victim Protection Act (B.E 2535)', all motor vehicles in Bangkok and Thailand are required to have the compulsory auto insurance. It is to ensure that the victims of a collision and their families are adequately compensated in case of injuries or death. You can contact a local insurer for this type of policy since the existing insurance of your car may not apply in Bangkok.

Overall, expats moving to Bangkok do have a wide variety of options when it comes to getting insurance. Several national companies are offering competitive policies but as an expat, it's better that you seek a plan from any of the multinational companies. International insurance is designed to cater the lifestyle of foreign nationals abroad and can give you coverage even if you’re outside the city or Thailand.



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