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Many myths surround the idea of accessing insurance, you can read our full global guide about insurance for expats. It is true that most expatriation will start with a travel protection while you are “in between” jobs. Make sure that you are well protected during that treaky period, so talk to your HR about that as you might actually have to secure it yourself.

Let us guide you on how you can get health care and protection in Thailand.

Getting Insurance

A relocation package to Taiwan should include healthcare as one the benefits for their employees. Usually, this policy covers not just you but your immediate dependents as well, so if it wasn’t discussed during contract signing, you need to talk to your manager or the HR department in charge of supporting your arrival. Make sure to sit down with them and get a full explanation of your benefits and what other employees like you usually do.

The Bank of Thailand is the institution that regulates the operation of all insurance providers in Taiwan, and your employer should be on the list of their accredited companies.

"The quality of the big international hospitals is very good in Thailand. I can recommend Bumrungrad Hospital, BNH and Rutnin Eye Hospital in Bangkok. Thailand is a popular destination for medical tourism because the prices are still low, but the quality is high."- Kristýna Vacková - Expat in Thailand

Expats can also get other types of insurance that cover non-life products from various international and local brokers in Taiwan. One example is a local company called Bangkok Insurance, the country’s largest insurer of business, home, auto and finances. You can also contact AXA Global Healthcare, which is a known provider of global health care for the expat community in Thailand. Never rush yourself when it comes to choosing the right company. Take your time in studying their different policies that’ll surely help you in deciding which one can best suit your needs.

Importance of Insurance

Thailand is a tropical country that’s why there are many reported cases of malaria and dengue fever, in the city but most commonly in tural areas. Expats are strongly advised to put topical insect repellent all the time to avoid getting bitten by infected mosquitoes. Dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat stroke are known risks especially during the hot season between the months of March and June. There is also the problem of pollution that often causes respiratory problems to both locals and expats alike. Once you roam the cities, you will find many street food stalls that are enticing but at the same time can cause diarrhoea so be very careful when eating out considering that your body is still adapting to the new environment.

Health care is not just important in Thailand but anywhere you are. Avoid thinking that you can just directly pay for medical fees or emergency service from your pocket. Though it is doable, it will still significantly affect your finances. Others even take for granted the importance of regularly seeing a doctor because of the fees that go along with it. Having adequate insurance can help you maintain and monitor your health without the worries of spending too much money.

Local Insurance in Thailand

Expats moving to Thailand will be pleased to know that the country has a relatively good public and private health sectors. There are more than 1,000 hospitals that are equipped to accommodate the medical needs of locals and expats, but you will find most of the modernised facilities in Bangkok. The Ministry of Health is the sector of the local government that supervises the public health care where a majority of locals are supported by the state thru the Universal Health Security Scheme. Remember that all working expats in Thailand are required by the law to have health insurance either thru the government or from the private companies.

Despite the country’s affordable medical costs, that has driven the medical tourism industry, most expatriates will look at private medical policies as simple aadd-onsor for full comprehensive coverage. Make sure you explore all the options.


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