Expat Finance Services in Thailand

The official legal currency in Thailand since the year 1851 has been the Thai Baht. Until 1925 the Thai Baht was also known to foreigners as the tical. A Baht is worth around 3 US cents. The Baht now comes in different bank notes, with the denominations of several different colors according to their value - 20 (green), 50 (blue), 100 (red), 500 (purple) and 1000 Thai bahts (brown).


There are several banks in Thailand, both national and international, some of the primary ones being Deutsche Bank, Citibank and Bangkok Bank. HBSC is one of the most popular banks in Thailand, especially with many foreigners, since it does not require the account holder to make a minimum annual salary.


Other banks in Thailand do require a minimum salary that can be anywhere from fifty thousand to one hundred and fifty thousand Bahts a year. There is also a minimum balance required to open a bank account, usually 500 Thai Baht, and a fee for an ATM card, usually 300 Baht. There are also service fees, such as 50 Baht monthly maintenance fees on low balances with no activity. It is not unusual for Thai banks to have English language websites for online banking convenience.

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