Cost of Living in Tunisia



Even if one does not have a premium salary, one can still relish the good life in Tunisia.

Real Estate in Tunisia

Since 2006,  foreign investment has steadily increased as foreigners are now allowed to own real estate in Tunisia, with the exception of agricultural land.

Compared to places along the Mediterranean like Italy, Spain, Greece, and Morocco, owning a house, an apartment or villa in Tunisia is relatively less expensive.

Buying a property in Tunisia

Most of the business elite choose to reside in the northern suburbs of Tunis, where one can find the most expensive houses ranging from TND 1,250.00 per square meter to TND1,700.00 per square meter.

The costs become less expensive if buying outside the urban sprawl of Tunis. One can find an average price of TND 1,000.00 per square meter or less. In the southern suburbs of Tunis, house prices range from TND450.00 per square meter to TND550.00 per square meter.

In the coastal towns of Tunis, the villas in the Medina (Old City) of Sousse costs TND 155,861.00 or higher.

Renting in Tunisia

Renting in Tunisia is relatively affordable. Costs for a 100 square meter apartment can average from TND500.00 to TND 1,000.00.

Expatriates wanting to live in an accommodation with a beachfront can choose to live in Sousse where a 2-bedroom unfurnished apartment can cost around TND 1,000.00 monthly.

To rent a place, one can either seek help from real estate agencies or embassies. Both can provide accommodation lists. A contract may stipulate a rental deposit or a security deposit. The lease may be renewed with an annual increase rate that is usually at 5%.

Monthly Utilities

Internet connection costs range from TND20.00 to TND30.00 monthly depending on the speed of the connection. Monthly telephone lines cost TND 10.00. Expats can buy a low costs mobile phone for TND100.00.

For a 100 square meter apartment, energy consumption costs approximately TND75.00 monthly.

Food Consumption

Due to Tunisia's long coastline, fish is an important part of the Tunisian diet. A kilogram of fresh salmon costs TND12.00.

When dining out, one can eat on a budget at fast food eateries for approximately TND5.20 while eating in high-end restaurants can range from TND38.00 to TND50.00 for three-course meals.

A kilo of white or wheat loaf bread costs TND2.00. Although Tunisia is an Islamic country, alcohol is available. One can buy a local can of beer for TND0.90 while buying beer in a bar costs TND4.00. A fine wine costs TND 16.00 while gin costs TND 70.00.

"It is probably a third of what I would spend in the U.S.A." - Rachael Williams-Mejri, Expat in Tunisia

Other cost and service

Having household help in Tunisia will cost TND100.00 monthly.

Riding a taxi or bus is relatively cheap. A 3-kilometer bus ride in the city costs TND0.40 while the rate per kilometer to ride for a taxi is at TND 0.36. For car rentals, the rate is approximately TND 150.00 per day.

Value Added Tax or VAT in Tunisia is at 18%. VAT rates, however, can be reduced for certain goods and services (between 6% and 12%).



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