Emergency Numbers in Tunisia



Emergencies can happen anywhere at any time. They can cause a considerable amount of panic and chaos which can aggravate an already dangerous situation. Nothing can completely prepare one for an emergency, but some measures can help in improving an emergency situation.

Medical emergencies often occur  and cause a considerable amount of distress to anyone involved. In situations that would require emergency medical assistance, as well as ambulance transportation, you may dial 190 from any landline or mobile phone in Tunisia.

Knowing the number of the nearest hospital or medical facility to your place of residence or work would also help to ensure you receive medical care as quickly as possible. For example, the phone number for the Charles Nicolle Hospital in Tunis is 71578007 and 71579346. You may also check the local yellow pages for more hospital phone numbers.

For more specific medical cases that you think you can take care of at home, like ingestion of a poisonous substance, you may contact the Anti-Poison Center at 71335500.

Although Tunisia's major cities are safe, crime is still present. Some cases of civil unrest have also been documented in the past years. If you feel that your safety is threatened, or if you would like to report suspicious activity, you may call 197 for police assistance.

For both 190 and 197, you may encounter either an Arabic or French speaking representative. Make it known to the operator at the onset of the conversation that you would need someone who speaks English, or better yet find someone to translate for you. This is also one of those cases when knowing a few key phrases in Arabic would always help as well.



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