Having a Baby in Tunisia



Choosing international healthcare insurance in Tunisia which provides comprehensive coverage for maternity care would be a good first move. Knowing more about how the system works in the country and what to expect about reproductive healthcare in the country would also help any soon to be expat and mom.

In a study done recently, it shows that about 91% of births in Tunisia are assisted by skilled personnel, which may include obstetricians, gynecologists, or midwives.

On the same note, 90% of birth deliveries are also conducted in health facilities, with urban areas averaging 98% of these births done in legitimate medical facilities.

Rural areas in Tunisia are still in a work in progress though, with only 79% of births assisted by a skilled person, and 78% of births being done in a medical or health facilities.

For expatriates, this goes to show that expectant moms may want to live in or close to urban areas if they prefer giving birth in a medical facility. Those who live in rural areas may scope out the nearest hospital to their place of residence or work.

District hospitals also provide maternity care. There are about 118 district hospitals, found mostly in the main city of each rural area in Tunisia.

Although public hospitals provide the cheapest packages for maternity care, there may be certain lapses in the quality and accessibility of care.

There are a number of good private hospitals that can be found in main cities like the capital of Tunis. Make sure to check with your provider of private health insurance in Tunisia as to which hospitals are accredited by them.



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