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Tunisia is not considered an easy destination considering that it has a different language, might be far from your home country and presents a different climate. Allow us to walk you through on how you can protect yourself while working and living in Tunisia.

Getting Insurance

There are three ways for an expat to get insurance while in a different country and the first one is from their employers. Your contract should include health care coverage as part of your relocation programme to Tunisia, and you should contact the Human Resource of your office to find out the full scope of your coverage. The insurance market in the country is quite broad, and every broker should be accredited by the Central Bank of Tunisia, a local institution in charged of supervising all insurance companies.

The second option for you is to contact some of the international and local providers in Tunisia. There are several types of policies that cover not just life and health but also other products such as your car, home and finances. AXA Global Healthcare is one of the top choices among expats in Tunisia who are looking for global health care. You can also consider a local company like GAT Assurance , a prominent non-life insurer in the country.

Importance of Insurance

There are quite a few health hazards that you might encounter at destination. The country’s hot and humid climate is the cause of sunburn, heat exhaustion as well as heat stroke that’s why everyone is advised to stay hydrated and use sunblock. Because your body is still adapting to the new environment, you need to be careful with what you eat and drink to avoid acquiring traveller’s diarrhoea or Hepatitis A. Also, be aware of the mosquitoes that can cause dengue fever and malaria. Always put insect repellent wherever you go.

The above-mentioned health risks are not deadly unless you fail to get immediate treatment. Your health care is not just for emergency situations but can also be used to prevent serious sickness. Most policies cover preventive services or treatments such as vaccinations, regular check-ups and physical exams. By having insurance, you do not have to worry about the medical fees that go with monitoring and maintaining your health.

Local Insurance in Tunisia

The public health care system in Tunisia is under the supervision of the Caisse Nationale d'Assurance Maladie, a national insurance scheme that is mandatory for everyone in the country. Locals and expats with permanent residency are all entitled to receive free services from the state-owned hospitals and centres including their dependents. Your employer should enrol you the CNSS or Social Security Scheme within three months of your arrival where they will deduct a fixed amount from your salary which will serve as your contribution to the National Health Insurance Fund. Expats should also be aware of the Tunisian emergency response number which is 190.

As an expat, it is still best for you to get insurance from the multinational brokers. International insurance is more inclined to meet the needs and lifestyle of a foreign national abroad. You can also have the peace of mind that your global coverage will get you medical and emergency service anytime and anywhere you are.


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