Pet Import Regulations in Tunisia



Pet relocation is certainly not the easiest of roads to take. There are import regulations that must be followed for bringing in pets to Tunisia. You may consult with a company that provides pet relocation services to Tunisia for the best modes of pet transport.

Unlike European countries, Tunisia does not require pets to have a microchip, although it is still highly recommended for those who travel a lot or wish to relocate their pets to another country.

A definite requirement is an international health certificate stating that your pet is healthy enough to travel and is free of parasites and diseases that are communicable to humans. This certificate must be issued by a licensed veterinarian in your home country.

Make sure to also have your pet vaccinated for rabies at least 30 days before your arrival in Tunisia. This vaccination should either be indicated in a separate certificate or as part of your pet's immunization record.

These certificates, as well as your pet's record of vaccines, would serve as the pet passport in Tunisia. Relocating pets to Tunisia would normally require presentation of these requirements before your pet is allowed entry.

These requirements are for commonly imported pets like cats and dogs. For other pets like birds, fish, rodents, rabbits, or reptiles, the anti-rabies vaccine is normally not required. However, you may still need to present a health certificate to ensure that they are free of diseases.

You may also consult a company that provides international pet relocation to Tunisia to verify updated customs regulations or the best means of transport.



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