Allergies in Turkey



Cockroach sensitivity is widespread; cockroach allergens are known to be a major component of the house dust particularly found in inner-city districts.

Another source of indoor allergens is cats. Expats must be wary of these allergens that may also affect children.

Expats will find the Turkish packaged foods are adequately labeled as an export requirement. However, labels are in Turkish. Take the initiative to learn or familiarize some relevant Turkish words for those allergic to substances like gluten, lamb, milk, and milk products.

Expats who are allergic to peanuts should not worry as peanut is not a common ingredient in Turkish cuisine. Peanuts are mostly eaten as snacks in Turkey.

Allergies can be fatal if not treated properly. Coverage of allergy treatment is included with many private health insurance companies in Turkey. It is essential to find international health insurance in Turkey that is reliable and will cover serious allergy problems for those with allergies.