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Regardless if you are relocating alone or with your dependents, insurance is a must for everyone who is moving abroad. Not having adequate protection when in a different country will not just greatly compromise you and your family’s health but also your finances. The good thing is, expats relocating to Turkey will find many types of plans in the market that’ll suit their individual needs. Here, we will teach you how to find and use your insurance to safeguard your finances and keep the risks at bay.


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Getting Protection 

When choosing a broker or provider, one of the first things you have to check is its accreditation from the Turkish Undersecretariat of Treasury, a government agency in charge of supervising the operation of all legitimate insurance companies in Turkey. You also need to call your HR office and inquire about the scope of your work health insurance. In most cases, dependents are not covered so you need to purchase a separate policy for them. 

Turkey has a rapidly developing insurance market and expats moving here will find a wide array of insurance products to choose from. One known company in the industry is Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik which is the country’s oldest life and pension insurer. You can also hire the service of a broker to help you find the best providers for life and non-life plans. INTEGRA or also known as ‘The Broker of Turkey’ is one of the most sought after and largest intermediaries headquartered in Istanbul. 

Importance of Insurance 

Prevention is the most efficient precautionary measure in Turkey. The most common health risks that expats will encounter are insect bites or stings, heat stroke, dehydration and travellers diarrhoea that can be acquired from drinking tap water. Expats are also advised to have vaccinations against HIV, hepatitis A and rabies before relocating to lower their chances of getting these infectious diseases. 

Turkey has a universal public health care scheme called the Genel Sağlık Sigortas (Universal Health Insurance) where all locals and legally employed foreign workers are given access to free or subsidised medical services. However, state-funded hospitals are often crowded that’s why many Turkish and expats go to private facilities. Health insurance protects your finances from costly medical fees and gives you access to health care services such as vaccinations or routine check-ups which are essential in preventing serious illnesses. 

Local Insurance in Turkey 

The Turkish insurance market always had a firm foundation and is considered to be the edge in its remarkable growth. All local and foreign companies that are operating in the country are members of the Insurance Association of Turkey which is consist of 70 members. Currently, the sector has 39 insurers, four life plan providers, 18 pensioners and one reinsurance company. 

Like in any other country, third-party liability insurance is mandatory for all vehicles in Turkey. Zorunlu Trafik Sigortas? (Compulsory Traffic Insurance) ensures that the cost of injury or damage to the third party involved in the accident will have proper coverage. Cars without this type of policy are not allowed to be driven anywhere in the country. TPL coverage is best to be purchased from a local company. However, when it comes to your health insurance, its best that you consider a multinational provider. They have features such as medical evacuation to a hospital outside of Turkey in the event that a specific treatment or emergency care is unavailable locally.



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